About us


Modern business and communications software helps companies work faster, more securely and more transparently. It is designed to provide employees with clear and meaningful data so they can work efficiently from anywhere. On business trips and in the home office, employees discover that important processes have neither been thought through to the end nor integrated sensibly.

MS Teams

The extremely strong growth of Microsoft Teams demonstrates the need for modern communication collaboration software. Our special focus is on the integration of documents and information processes. For this purpose we develop small functional apps, which fit seamlessly into your existing Microsoft environment and are therefore absolutely user-friendly.

Corporate values

With tegoly, we want to offer the simplest and most cost-effective apps for SMEs in Europe. tegoly helps companies digitize their everyday document processes and ensure better collaboration.

Shake hands


We support each other, share our ideas and develop together.



Just like our tools, we continuously improve our internal processes and practices to work efficiently.



We offer an open working environment and encourage open communication to achieve the best results.

Verbale Präsentation


We listen to our customers. This ensures that tegoly offers the greatest added value.

The team

We are a young company whose mission is to develop applications for Microsoft Teams. We focus on functional applications, where the usability for the customer is in the foreground.

Sven Gosda, CEO

Sven Gosda

CEO and Co-Founder

Building a modern, agile and internationally active company has always been my goal.

Jan Gosda, CTO

Jan Gosda

CTO and Co-Founder

My ambition is to develop innovative software solutions for customers in order to drive digitalization forward.