Sign documents electronically in Microsoft Teams

  • fully integrated application, with the look and feel of Teams
  • sign documents directly in Microsoft Teams
  • eIDAS and DSGVO compliant
  • Cloudlösung Made in Germany

tegolySIGN ignites your turbo in the signature process

No switching between applications
Switching between different applications is no longer necessary, as tegolySIGN is fully integrated in Teams.

Look&Feel like Teams
Through the daily use of chat, video conferences or the editing of files in Teams, the user knows how to handle the user interface.

German provider, location of document storage selectable.
With tegolySIGN GERMANY documents are stored on servers of German providers. This means that the US CLOUD Act does not affect you.

eIDAS and DSGVO compliant


Collect signatures directly from Teams with tegolySIGN.
Send contracts, minutes, receipts, drafts and more for signing directly from Microsoft Teams and speed up the signing process significantly.
Reduce the costs usually incurred when signing a document and save valuable resources!

tegolySIGN – simplest signature process
Sign yourself, let employees and business partners sign even sensitive documents. All digitally, based on a secure cloud solution Made in Germany. Simple, fast and legally compliant, even with the DGSVO.


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