tegolySIGN vs DocuSign

The German alternative to DocuSign


All in one place

Work smarter, not harder. We offer native Microsoft Teams integration, providing a single tool to create, send, track and eSign.

tegolySIGN winning

Truly unlimited

Don't worry about breaking your budget. With us, all your documents and signatures are included in the subscription.

Custom CI


tegolySIGN is really simple. Team integration eliminates the need for administration and training for a team.

tegolySIGN accelerates your document processes

Create, send, track and sign documents from anywhere. Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Where is the difference

tegolySIGN Enterprise
DocuSign Standard
100 envelopes
100 envelopes
German cloud provider
MS Teams Integration
Signature folder
Customers branding
DATEV-DMS Connector (opt.)

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Microsoft Teams

No switching between applications

Switching between different applications is no longer necessary, as tegolySIGN is fully integrated with Teams.

Microsoft Teams

Look&Feel like teams

Through the daily use of chats, video conferences or editing files in teams, the user knows how to use the user interface.

German flag

German provider, location of document storage selectable

With tegolySIGN Enterprise you can optionally store your documents on servers from a German provider. This means that the US CLOUD Act does not affect you.

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