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Amazing how easy it is to make your business sustainable

Reduce paper! Paper is an important part of our daily lives. It is used for books, magazines, newspapers, documents and much more. But the use of paper also has an impact on the environment. The production of paper requires a large amount of energy, water and wood. In addition, the disposal of paper leads to significant environmental impacts such as deforestation, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Here are some facts about paper production and consumption

In Germany, paper production and use is also of great importance. Here are some facts about the paper industry in Germany

In our modern world, where technology is becoming more advanced and digitalization is advancing, the issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important. More and more companies are starting to make their business processes more environmentally friendly. One of the ways companies can become more sustainable is by reducing paper consumption.

Here we give you concrete recommendations for action to reduce paper consumption and make your business processes more environmentally friendly. Reduce paper!

Document digitization

One of the easiest ways to reduce paper consumption is to digitize documents. In today’s world, there are numerous tools and technologies that allow companies to digitize documents. By digitizing documents, you can optimize work processes in your company and save time and money. In addition, digital documents can be shared quickly and easily, facilitating collaboration. Start here, for example, with simple fillable PDF forms or implementing digital signatures to avoid printing.

Electronic invoicing

Electronic invoicing is another way you can reduce paper usage for your business. Instead of printing and mailing paper invoices, businesses can create electronic invoices and send them via email. This not only saves paper, but also printer ink, postage and time.

Use of recycled paper

If your company need paper, it should use recycled paper. Recycled paper is made from recycled paper and uses about 60% less energy and about 70% less water than virgin fiber paper production. In addition, the use of recycled paper reduces the need for landfill space and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Using duplex printers

Duplex printers are printers that can print on both sides. By using duplex printers, you can cut paper consumption in half. Duplex printers are widely used nowadays and can easily be used in any business.

Use of online meeting tools

Online meeting tools or so-called collaboration platforms can be introduced in any company to hold meetings online instead of meeting in person. This not only saves time and money, but also paper, as documents no longer need to be exchanged and printed out for this purpose.

Reduction of printed marketing materials

Your company can reduce paper consumption by reducing or even eliminating printed marketing materials. Instead, digital marketing strategies can be employed, such as email campaigns, social media advertising or webinars. Digital marketing strategies are often even more effective than printed advertising and reach a larger target audience.

Conversion to electronic forms

Convert your business from paper forms, such as applications or surveys, to electronic forms. This way you can reduce paper consumption and save time and money at the same time. Electronic forms can be easily created and sent online, and the results can be analyzed quickly and easily. In addition, you can better direct forms, create document workflows with Power Automate, for example, or have them signed digitally right away.

Introduction of environmental standards

Implement environmental standards to ensure you are acting sustainably. Environmental standards can include, for example, using recycled paper, reducing energy and water consumption, or switching to renewable energy. Implementing environmental standards not only shows that a company cares about the environment, but can also improve the company’s image and attract new customers.


Reducing paper is easy! Reducing paper consumption is a simple and effective way for companies to become more sustainable. By digitizing documents, using recycled paper, switching to electronic forms and adopting environmental standards, companies can not only reduce their environmental impact, but also save time and money. In addition, reducing paper consumption can improve the company’s image and attract new customers who prefer environmentally conscious companies.

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