Simple electronic signature (SES)

The “simple” signature is not only called simple, but it is. Precisely because it works so simply, we already encounter it in many areas of daily life. Probably the best-known example is the signature on a terminal at parcel delivery companies.
The crux of the matter is that there are no mandatory requirements for SES. So something can be signed or a signature can be inserted without any identity verification.
The problem with this is obvious. The probative value of a document signed in such a manner is more than meager.

That’s why we at tegoly are taking a secure approach to making even the lowest level of electronic signatures as evidential as possible, while remaining as user-friendly as possible.

For each signature process, a non-modifiable log file is automatically created, which:

1. is assigned to the signed document without any doubt
2. stores the personal e-mail address to which the document was sent for signature
3. date and time of signature
4. the IP address from which the signature was made

The SES can be used without hesitation wherever:

a. the economic risk – i.e. the contract value – is not too high
b. the signatory has a strong interest in the fulfillment of the order/contract

such as employment contracts, rental agreements, company insurances, etc.
Among other things, our customers use SES for: Mandate letters, minutes of various kinds, offers, order confirmations, cost estimates, various types of employment contracts, insurances, lease agreements, company agreements, data protection declarations, NDA’s, etc.