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  • Important Functions
  • Signature requests
  • External signees
  • Teams Integration
  • Unlimited documents
  • Certificate of completion
  • Simple Electronic Signature (SES)
  • Worldwide legal validity
  • Invite to sign by e-mail
  • Reject signature
  • Signature formats
  • Manage
  • Administrator
  • Reports
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Multiple languages
  • Security & Certification
  • AATL compliant
  • PAdES & LTV
  • Storage of documents
  • 256-Bit-AES encryption
  • 256-Bit-TLS/SSL encryption
  • eIDAS
  • GDPR
  • Service & Support
  • E-Mail Support
  • Help Center
  • tegolySIGN Basic

  • Description
  • Customers can send as many signature requests per month as they want.
  • External signees can sign without a tegolySIGN account.
  • Teams app and thus complete integration into the MS Teams environment. You stay in your familiar environment.
  • Each user has unlimited memory available. However, tegolySIGN is not a DMS or backup system. Please save your finished documents in your company storage.
  • Audit logs are associated with transactions to ensure that actions are tracked and timestamped.
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  • Documents to be signed with tegolySIGN are legally valid worldwide.
  • Signees will be notified by email.
  • Signees have the opportunity to reject the signature request stating a reason.
  • Add legally valid e-signatures to your documents via text input, drawing or upload.
  • Access for up to five administrators, always included.
  • Use reports that provide insight into user activity and compliance.
  • Track responses, receive email notifications, and send automatic email reminders to your recipients.
  • tegolySIGN is available to both senders and signees in German and English.
  • AATL stands for Adobe Approved Trust List. This will make all document signing certificates from C Authorities on this list trusted in Adobe programs.
  • PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) is a technical specification for PDF and ISO 32000-1 regarding electronic signatures. Documents may need to be archived for years and decades. In view of technical advances and developments, signatures on current documents must also be recognisable as valid in the future. This is referred to as the concept of Long-Term Validation (LTV). Documents signed with tegolySIGN will have the certificate captured at the time of signing and added to the PDF document. The certificate remains in the file itself, so that the validity can still be determined at a later point in time, regardless of whether the certificate has expired or been revoked or whether the certification authority still exists. Because the record is stored in the signed document, it is also authenticated by the document signature, making it even more likely to prevent errors and fraud. Long-term signature verification reduces dependence on external systems and potential future complications with expired or revoked certificates.tegolySIGN document are PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) and LTV-Long Term Validation compliant.
  • Documents are stored in the German Microsoft Cloud.
  • All documents are stored encrypted at rest with 256-bit AES.
  • All connections are encrypted with 256-bit.
  • eIDAS, in Deutschland auch IVT, bezeichnet die Verordnung Nr. 910/2014 des Europäischen Parlaments und des Rates über elektronische Identifizierung und Vertrauensdienste für elektronische Transaktionen im Binnenmarkt und zur Aufhebung der Richtlinie 1999/93/EG.tegolySIGN is eIDAS compliant.
  • tegolySIGN complies with the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • All tegolySIGN customers receive access to our dedicated and expert support team by e-mail.
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No, neither now nor in the future. The recipient is informed of the signature request by e-mail and only has to open the document and sign it. Recipients do not have to pay anything and do not need any special training. Signing is quick and easy. Afterwards, both you and the recipient receive a copy of the document.

Within the framework of a 14-day trial subscription, you can fully test the app and discover the advantages of electronic signatures. If you decide not to continue the trial subscription within the 14-day period, you will not be charged.

Of course! We ensure compliance with the strict electronic signature laws in the US and EU, use security mechanisms similar to those used in banks, offer two ways to authenticate the signer’s identity, and every transaction includes a comprehensive, court-approved protocol. For more information, please see our Terms of Use.

The decision is yours: monthly subscriptions are only extended by one month at a time. With an annual subscription, you pay an annual fee and commit yourself for the next 12 months – but with a discount.

There are no restrictions on the number of signatures or documents in the free trial version. However, the number of users is limited to 5 during this period. When you start a regular subscription, you can then add as many users as you like.

Yes. Every signature made via our app meets the relevant security standards and is legally binding proof of contract.

Senders are persons who upload, sign and send documents via tegolySIGN or request signatures from other persons via tegolySIGN.

Someone who receives a signature request and responds to it is not considered the sender. Such users do not need a tegolySIGN account to sign documents and the process is free of charge for them.

You can choose – during or at the end of the free trial period – the subscription you want and the number of users. You will receive the invoice when the trial period has expired.

You can pay by credit card via the app or in the MS Store. Contact our team if you prefer another payment method.

Monthly subscriptions are billed monthly. For annual subscriptions you pay an annual fee in advance.

Then send an e-mail to our support team. We will be happy to help you!

Yes, your subscription will be renewed automatically – unless you change or cancel your subscription. You can do this within seconds via the account settings.