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Learn how TESCAN GmbH standardizes its paper processes with tegolySIGN.

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With a 30-year history in the development of electron microscopy, micro-computed tomography and associated software solutions, TESCAN has achieved a leading position in micro- and nanotechnology. TESCAN is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, and employs more than 750 people at 14 locations worldwide.


Until today: a time-consuming and inconsistent process with a multitude of paper documents

Tescan GmbH, a leading manufacturer of scanning electron microscopes (SEM), has to deal with many different paper documents on a daily basis. Each of these documents must be signed by either your own employees or customers. This was done in analog workflows, which was time-consuming and expensive.

Dunja Hellemann, inside sales at Tescan, summed up the situation: “The process was extremely stressful for our team. We had to keep track of all the processes manually and the lead times were often very long, which also repeatedly led to delays on the customer side. It was clear that we needed a more efficient digital solution for signing contracts and documents.”

18000 EUR

Savings per year


The digital signature and Microsoft Teams

To solve this challenge, Tescan turned to tegoly, among others. With tegolySIGN, Tescan was able to fully digitize the signature process and reduce turnaround times from sometimes weeks to an average of one to two days.

From Tescan’s point of view, the implementation of tegolySIGN was a real game changer. Mr. Oetzel, Marketing Manager, says: “With tegolySIGN we have finally found a solution that allows us to sign all our contracts and documents in a legally compliant way in a simple, fast and cost-effective way. The integration into MS Teams in particular helped enormously with the introduction and acceptance in the company, as we had no administrative effort and the employees quickly got used to the already simple operation. We see a big advantage in the fact that we now manage our signature processes exactly where we usually discuss them, namely in MS Teams. That means no additional software programs and windows, no isolated solutions, and finally fluid processes.”

From tegoly’s perspective, working with Tescan was a great way to showcase their solution for deploying a wide range of different contracts. “Working with Tescan has shown us that our solution can be used very efficiently for a wide range of different contracts in a legally compliant manner and offers real added value for companies that want to finally digitize and automate their processes,” says Sven Gosda, CEO of tegoly.


Improved workflow and increased efficiency

Thanks to tegolySIGN, Tescan was able to significantly improve the efficiency of their business processes. Jens Wosinski, IT Manager: “With tegolySIGN we save about 5-7 hours of work per user per month, which is a total of up to 1500€ for working time, eliminated hardware as well as postage and packing. Throughput times and clarity have also been significantly improved, which is greatly appreciated by customers and employees alike. In the future, all contracts and documents will only be signed digitally, which will lead to significant savings. Just imagine the hassle once our T&Cs change for customers and we need written confirmation from everyone.”

In addition, a digital signature solution like tegolySIGN helps Tescan employees work more flexibly, as signatures can now be provided and obtained from anywhere.


The success story of Tescan GmbH shows that the digitization of signature processes brings a noticeable improvement in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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