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How the law firm Zöller&Dicke saves time and money with tegolySIGN.

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For over 40 years, Zöller & Dicke has been a renowned tax consulting firm in Dortmund, Germany, known for its use of cutting-edge technology to improve its internal workflows and client services.


To date: a time-consuming and error-prone process with a sea of physical documents

In the hectic daily routine of tax consulting, countless documents and contracts have to be managed, organized and processed.

Before implementing tegolySIGN, Zöller & Dicke faced the challenge of signing documents manually. This resulted in inefficient workflows, high costs, and an overall slowdown in processes.

Mr. Zöller, described the situation as follows: “The process was extremely problematic for our team, as we had to print, send and re-scan documents that needed to be signed by the client. This analog process is slow and error-prone. It quickly became clear that we needed a more efficient, digital solution to this problem. It should reduce the workload and so that we can provide a consistent quality of service to our clients. It was also very important to us that the future solution be easy to use for both our employees and our customers.”

1000 EUR

Savings per month


The digital signature and Microsoft Teams

Zöller & Dicke decided to implement tegolySIGN, a Microsoft Teams app for electronic signatures. With tegolySIGN and the simultaneous introduction of Microsoft Teams, Zöller & Dicke was able to significantly improve their internal processes and make communication with their clients much more efficient.

From Zöller & Dicke’s point of view, the implementation of tegolySIGN was a real game changer. Mr. Zöller, one of the firm’s partners, says: “With tegolySIGN, we have finally found a solution that allows us to obtain signatures from clients easily, quickly and cost-effectively. We now have more time to focus on what really matters: our clients.”

From tegoly’s point of view, the cooperation with Zöller & Dicke was a great opportunity to implement their solution for tax firms and here especially the connection to DATEV. “Working with Zöller & Dicke has shown us that our solution can provide real added value for companies that want to digitize and automate their processes,” says Sven Gosda, CEO of tegoly.


Efficient process for signatures directly from DATEV

Thanks to tegolySIGN, Zöller & Dicke was able to significantly improve the efficiency of their business processes. Stefan Zöller: “With tegolySIGN we save about 40 hours of work per month and up to 1000€ for printing, shipping and processing. We will increase this in the future, then all documents will be signed digitally. Turnaround times have also been significantly reduced, which we and our clients greatly appreciate.”

In addition, a digital signature solution like tegolySIGN helps Zöller & Dicke’s employees work more flexibly.


By implementing tegolySIGN in conjunction with DATEV, Zöller & Dicke has proven that the use of a Microsoft Teams app for digital signatures in the law firm field to significantly improve internal processes and in communication with clients is a decisive factor for success in the modern business world.

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